Citycraft Services - A subsidiary of Citycraft Group, Dubai – UAE, established in the year 2019.

We provide you with exemplary services in the fields of Education, Business and Profession, Employment, Travel and Tourism and Legal matters.

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Dubai City Tour Package

Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is known for several unique features and attractions that make it a popular destination for tourists

Mission & Vision

Our mission is primarily set to Customer satisfaction – we strive to understand and fulfill the requirements of its customers, ensuring their satisfaction and building long-term relationships through.


Quality and excellence: The company is committed to delivering services of the highest quality, meeting or exceeding industry standards, and continuously improving its processes and capabilities.


Innovation and adaptability: The company seeks to stay at the forefront of its industry, embracing innovation, and adapting to changing customer needs and market trends.


Reliability and consistency: The company aims to provide reliable and consistent services, ensuring that customers can count on the company to deliver on its promises.


Professionalism and expertise: The company employs skilled professionals who possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to deliver services effectively and efficiently.


Ethical and responsible practices: The company operates with integrity, adhering to ethical standards and promoting responsible business practices in all aspects of its operations.


Collaboration and teamwork: The company fosters a collaborative and team-oriented culture, both internally among its employees and externally with its clients and partners, to ensure seamless service delivery.


Continuous improvement: The company is committed to continuously improving its service offerings, processes, and customer experiences through feedback, analysis, and innovation.


You can rely on our services as always.

Other Services

We do have multiple service wings that cater to local, national and international customers. Let it be an individual or an MNC, we have tailor made services for each of them.

Secretarial Service
7 Days a Week
Franchisee Office
5 Days a Week
Talent Hunt
5 Days a Week

UAE Visit Visa Service

Travelling to Dubai or other parts of UAE? We help you with verified travel agents and insurance agents to get your visit visa issued in shortest possible time period. It is a country of law and we are safe as far as we follow the rules. As ignorance is not an excuse there, knowing all the required Do’s and Don’ts is a must before catch your flight.

Why choose us ?

We verify sources thoroughly for our customers and clients. Even if we charge nominal, quality of service is maintained at the highest possible level always. A company that is nearly 5 years old and experienced staff spread into different locations of the world helps us reaching the target always.

4+ years of experience

Citycraft is serving its customers for the last five years and the happy list is increasing steadily on a day-to-day basis.  We are happy that our customers are happy.

One Stop Shop

With wide range of services ranging from local authorities to MNCs spread into different locations across the world, you are assured about the product and services we provide you.  As a responsible team, we value our customer and organize things and services to the ultimate satisfaction of the client.

International Network

We have multiple offices and associate offices and team members that are spread in to different parts of the world.  Let it be from the US to the New Zealand, we are there to serve you.  Have a word with us to know more.

Our address

Moopper Veedu Building
T.B. Road (Near Fire Station)

Opening Hours

Mon - Friday: 9am - 9pm
Sat - Sunday: 10am - 8pm

Contact Info

Work email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +91-9400332000

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